Facilities Commerical is a full service Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. Our Partners in the firm cover a some key areas of commercial real estate:

1) Retail Space - Tenant Representation

2) Commercial Realty - Office | Industrial

3) Facilities Commercial Management

4) Facilities Capital

5) Construction Project Management

As one of Canada's leading independent real estate brokerages, Facilities Commercial helps professionals find the best locations. But of course you would expect us to say that. So we will let you ask our clients yourself. First let us show you what they say.

Our principals have extensive real estate backgrounds and have worked in the real estate market in Canada for more than 70 years combined.

So if you believe that the 3 most important factors in real estate are location, location and location, you'll want Facilities Commercial on your team. We won't ask for your mandate until we earn it because we have been around long enough to know that you will not assign it until we have earned it.

Our client mandates have all come as result of our performance over time. Fact is 80% of the top performing sites in several of our clients' portfolio were found and negotiated by Facility Commercial. We do our homework so you can make an successful selection.

We use the best geo-demographic software we could find, but at the end of the day, it is experience and an inside understanding of how retail works that allow us to continually locate top performing locations. Just ask our current clients.

The staff at Facilities Commercial Realty Inc. have a sound knowledge of the leasing process and they are very careful to review the terms and conditions of our leases to ensure that we have the greatest flexibility possible for a large and growing operation. They are also well informed on construction costs so that we can make quick decisions about additional space with the confidence that our budgets will be maintained. Read More